Dissemination Event: "Dinner in the Dark" - September 2018

Photo of "Castello Miramare", in Trieste

On 11th September 2018, VAPETVIP was presented in a very special way to a group of non-specialists in the area of visual impairement: through a "Dinner in the Dark" and a "Press Conference in the Dark". 

The "Dinner in the Dark" allows an entirely original experience that puts sighted persons for a few hours under the same conditions of absolute impossibility of seeing what happens in the surrounding reality, which characterizes the daily life of the blind. Events of singular intensity and wisely studied for exalting senses: a convivial moment completely to the dark, exploring a new experience of communication and relationship.

The "Dinner in the Dark" is exploited in a specific área totally darkened and the objective of the appointments it is to help the guests to rediscover the value of the other four senses offering an unforgettable experience of the taste. It makes also possible to:
  • Awaken the senses of taste, smell, touch and hearing;
  • Play to recognize things, to distinguish common objects without sight;
  • Enjoy flavours and aromas without being influenced by visual stimuli;
  • Talk with your neighbour without the constraints of the image or appearance.
This event was promoted aiming at national and international participants of social media and other relevant professionals outside the field of visual impairment, for raising awareness towards blind people and disseminate the project and its results. 

The event took place in Trieste, Italy, which has a very special geographic position in Europe being very easy accessible to neighbour countries like Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Servia, from which participants for this dissemination event were invited.