3rd Transnational Project Meeting

Group photo with (almost) all partners

The 3rd Transnational Project meeting was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the 4th and 5th of May 2017.


Thursday, May 4th
  • Presentation of participants; 
  • Meeting general arrangements;
  • Project general arrangements:
    • Attendance list;
    • Participation Declarations.
  • Presentations by group leaders about: 
    • General Management;
    • Execution Plan:
      • partners tasks step-by-step;
    • Present minute for partners report;
    • Dates and other arrangements about Reports.
    • Dissemination/Communication;
    • Risk;
    • Quality:
      • 2nd meeting evaluation summary/discussion;
  • Training event: proposal of focus, participants profile and budget
  • Settlement of dates for dissemination events (national events in June or July 2018);
  • Task and assignments for the European Conference.
  • Discussing Platform Accessibility
  • Establishing work methodology for IO4, IO5 (methodology guides) and IO6.
  • Preparing the work in small groups:
    • Presenting and discussing flowcharts for the courses;
    • Instructional design concepts;
  • Work in small groups, by curricula:
    • O&M course techniques for support of VIP;
    • Techniques for developing Soft-Skills in VI Adults
    • Supporting Elderly VIP
Friday, May 5th

  • Present and discuss the material developed so far – by course - and set a working methodology to continue: 
    • O&M techniques for support of VIP;  
    • Techniques for developing Soft-Skills in VI Adults
    • Supporting Elderly VIP 
  • Other subjects…
  • Resuming the meeting and establishing goals and agenda for next meeting in Düren

Panoramic photo of Reykjavík seen from Perlan in summer during sunset. As seen in the picture Reykjavík is mild enough to permit the growing of trees.
Reykjavík in the summer during sunset. (wikipedia)