1st Transnational Project Meeting

Photo of Praça do Comércio, one of the most famous squares in Lisbon
Rua Augusta Arch, Downtown Lisbon (wikipedia)

The first Transnational Project Meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal, in the midle of November/2016.


Thursday, 17th November
  • Partners contract signature and welcome speech by Fundacao Sain Management;
  • Self-presentation of partners and other participants in the meeting;
  • Project general arrangements:
    • Attendance list
    • Budget, time sheets
    • Webpage and project logo.
    • Evaluations
  • Roles and responsibilities - groups constitution and leaders:  
    • General Management  
    • Website/Leaflet and Posters
    • Dissemination/Communication – (article for ICEVI*)
    • Risk
    • Quality – intervention by External Evaluator
  • Project bodies by Intellectual Output – establishing working groups, leaders and working methodology;
  • Settlement of dates for other transnational meetings;
  • Dates and other arrangements about Reports.

  • Shared views on the subjects of training courses – establishing a common ground;
  • Presentations about observations in each country:
    • Orientation and mobility;
    • Soft skills;
  • Other subjects
Friday, 18th November
  • Training with iPortal platform;
  • Establishing goals and agenda for next meeting in Angers.